Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Safety and Online Assessments

Today we took an online communication arts assessment. I don’t know a whole lot about it yet but it sounds really cool. Basically each kid works at their own level and after this initial assessment we will be able to have the kids focusing on the GLE’s, (Grade Level Expectations from the state) that they need help with.

We also had a big discussion about how we are going to handle science experiments this year and making sure that everyone is doing what they supposed to. Tomorrow we will be doing a couple small experiments and talking about safety. We discussed safety some today but we will hit it big time in the future and each time we do an experiment.

Today was our library check out day and I absolutely love being able to go down to the library and just relax and read. I could have only scheduled a 15 minute time but I went ahead and scheduled 30 so we could have some time to just read. I’m reading Harry Potter right now and even though I just started it last week, I am hooked. During my travels this summer, I have seen a lot of people reading it and talking about it. The funny thing is that none of them were kids, they were all adults.


Helen Gregg said...

I am a Curriculum Tech with a Kansas school district. I am impressed with your use of Blogger. It is one of the integration tools that I am encouraging more teachers to use this year. Last year teachers reported to me that there was a significant increase in the quality of students' writing when the assignments included writing "to the blog."

Mr. Kelsey said...

Helen, thanks for posting to the blog. I have had great success using blogs in my classroom. If you go to my classroom web site and click on the Reading Blog you will see a reading project that I did last year. It was hugely successful. We had kids that were talking about books that never would have talked to each other in class. They were then taking suggestions about books and reading, and enjoying books, that they never would have picked up before.