Sunday, August 5, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It is the first leg of my flight and I have noticed a few things. First, our cruising altitude was 34,000 feet. I guess that is standard cruising altitude but what really struck me was the fact that in October I will be getting into an airplane flying to 35,000 ft. and then dropping so that I will be weightless. Thank goodness there are no windows on that flight. That would be pretty scary to see the ground racing up at you.

I wish I had brought some type of map along. I always enjoy looking at the scenery out the window but I never know where I am. There was a big river and a few really big lakes that I saw but I don’t know where they were. It would also be cool to have a GPS unit along. The one that I have shows the speed. I don’t know if it would work in an airplane but if it did, that would be really cool.

I was setting next to a man on the flight that was reading Harry Potter and so far I have spotted three copies. What is really interesting about this is that they were all adults, I haven’t seen a single kid with a copy yet. I actually heard two adult men talking about it and how they both read it before they gave it to their kids to read. My wife is currently reading it. I plan to read it but I have a few others that I want to read first. The lady setting next to me on the flight from Houston to Orlando is reading Harry Potter. Her husband was flipping through the pages and she took it away from him because she didn’t want him to ruin the ending for her. I thought that was pretty funny. Also kind of cool that he is reading “Failure is Not an Option” by Gene Kranz, the flight controller from Apollo 13. I have ready this book and I know that it is good. I got a big chunk of my book Blogs of War read on the flight so far

As I type this right now, I am flying over the Gulf of Mexico. I actually know this because we have been flying over it for about ten minutes now. I took a couple of pictures out the window of the coast.

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