Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Busy Day

It seems like every day at this time of year is a struggle to get everything in that I planned. We did get most of it done today. The day started with learning our timed test routine that we will be using the rest of the year and catching up on some odds and ends from yesterday. We also took our first Challenge pretest of the year. Mrs. Whalley should have them graded and the results back next week.

We did have an opportunity today to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavor land at Kennedy Space Center. It worked out great that it landed a few minutes after we got back from specials. We were all amazed at how fast it is going when it lands (250 mph). It was really cool to get to watch the landing today in class when I got to watch the launch in person.

We have had a few chart signers already this week. I think it is mainly the kids seeing where the boundaries are. I’m not worried about a kid signing their chart once. We all make mistakes. I get concerned when they have to sign it over and over for the same thing. So far, I have not seen that. I think that this is going to be a year, both academically and behaviorally.
Also, we ran into a few bumps today with turning assignments in on time. There were a lot of kids today that were either missing an assignment, forgot to do part of an assignment, or didn’t put their name on their paper. We had a lot of workers today at recess. We reviewed the expectations again and talked about looking at the assignment book page each night to make sure that they have everything done. The first few weeks are always a learning process, especially for the responsibility piece of being a fifth grader. I think tomorrow will be better.

Funny note for the day. I told a joke today and there was complete silence for probably five seconds before the kids got it and started to laugh. Ask them to tell you the duck joke.

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