Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Night Viewing

Fuzzy picture I took of the shuttle I will post better ones tomorrow!
These are the teachers from the Space Foundation summer classes that have all met up here for the launch.

It is 3:00 in the morning as I write this. I am tired but exhilarated. We just got back from the night viewing The protective cover of the shuttle was off and it was completely lit up. There is not a word that describes this. We went to the same spot that we viewed it yesterday. Tonight was so completely different. We could see the lights from miles away and when you got up close, it looked even bigger than yesterday. We had a pair of binoculars with us and we could see amazing detail.

The mosquitoes were huge out there tonight but no one cared. I thought one of them was going to carry off my camera. My camera actually didn’t take great pictures of the shuttle, they all came out blurry but Steve, one of the guys with us got some awesome pictures. I will post some of them tomorrow when I get copies.

Another cool thing that happened while we were out there was that Astronaut, Chris Hadfield was out there and we were all able to get a picture with him. He was really nice. The time we were out there was entirely too short. It is funny, we were talking today that we drove an hour from the hotel and then it was a half hour ride from where we met the bus and then only a half hour for the viewing then another hour and a half to get back to the hotel. Earlier today we questioned if it was worth it. We were absolutely wrong! Yes, a half hour was way too short a time but man, was it worth it.

With astronaut Chris Hadfield

When we got back on the bus, Chuck, our tour guide pointed out to us that there was a large tower with a big flame at the top. As they put hydrogen into the tanks, they have to burn off whatever excess there is. I was so completely engrossed in the shuttle that I had not even notice it. There could have been an alligator next to me (yes, I saw one yesterday) and I would not have noticed him unless he asked me to take his picture.

Bobby, another teacher that I am down here with, and I were talking about the excitement that we have felt the last two days and that if we can convey that to our kids for just one minute to let them feel that, we have done our jobs and the trip has been worthwhile. I am truly struggling to put into words how powerful an experience this has been. It has honestly been very emotional. To get this close to something that I have followed since I was in second grade, studied, and taught is beyond explanation.

Tomorrow we have to be back at 3:00. We load up a bus and head out to our viewing site. I am really starting to get excited. We are looking right now that it is 80% chance for good weather. Woo Hoo! Tomorrow I will post more about where we are watching the launch from. Tonight, my brain is fried from lack of sleep.

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Was it cold that night or were you just really hiper beacuse your whole face was red!