Friday, August 3, 2007

A Big Thank You!

One more thought that I wanted to post today. NASA is giving me a great opportunity by inviting me to the launch and taking care of things in Florida. The one thing that they are not providing is a way to get down to Florida, or a place to stay once I get there. Luckily there are five of us that are going that are splitting the cost of a rental car and the hotel rooms. The flight was expensive because it was booked at the last minute. Because it is going to cost a lot, I sent a few letters out to local businesses asking if they would be willing to help out financially. I got a response today from Ken Bohr at Shelter Insurance here in liberty. He made an extremely generous contribution to help pay for some of the costs. I would like to thank him and all the folks at Shelter Insurance for helping out. It is really great to know that people are willing to help, especially when it has to do with education.

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