Thursday, August 16, 2007

The First Day of School

Today was the first day of school and it was awesome. I know that the kids get nervous about the first day and so do the teachers. If you ask most teachers they all have a back to school dream (or nightmare) sometime before school starts. Mine this year was odd. It definitely wasn’t a nightmare but it was weird. In my dream there were three teachers and we each had a class but we were told we all had to teach in one room with only enough chairs for one class.
The day itself was great. We got a lot done today. We got through our first math lesson which was a scavenger hunt through the student reference book. We also had time to play an English game on sentences and fragments. The game was fun and all of the kids really caught the hang of how we play them. I plan on playing a ton of games this year. Sometime later I will explain how these games are played.
The biggest part of today was spent on going over procedures and expectations. I literally have a list that fills up an entire page in my plan book of expectations. What I have found is that the more time you spend on these things now, the less you have to deal with issues later.
I also got to show the kids the video of the space shuttle launch. What a cool experience. The entire class was on the edge of their seats. This was the first time I had listened to the video with a good sound system. I was amazed at how loud it was on the video. I did hold it together telling the kids about it today. I hope that the excitement I felt down there and the enthusiasm I had when talking about it really came through.

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