Friday, August 24, 2007

Grade Reports and Friday Folders

I thought I would post a little early today since I am going to the Royals game tonight. Let’s hope for no rain tonight. Anyway, I wanted to go kind of in-depth into some information about the grade reports and Friday Folders that will be coming home today.

First, grade reports, each week the kids will be brining home a grade report that shows where their current grades are. This week only four subjects are listed because we don’t have any reading grades in the grade book yet. These reports also list any missing assignments. A missing assignment might be something that wasn’t turned in on time, didn’t have a name on it, or a student was absent. If an assignment is listed as missing, students have until Monday to get it turned in. If it is not turned in at that time, it goes into the grade book as a permanent zero that cannot be made up. Zeros kill grades! Students will get their grade reports in time to get whatever they need to make up these missing assignments. This week, I think, there were only two missing assignments listed for the entire class. Absences will be handled differently on a case by case basis. If missing work is turned in by Monday, I will grade it for full credit. If I have confused you, don’t worry about it. I will be going over this much more at Parent Information Evening on August 30th. The last thing I want to mention about the grade reports is that they need to be signed each week and brought back to school on Monday. You can see what the grade report will look like by going to:

Friday Folders also come home today. In the folder you will find many different things. First, you will find all of the graded work from the week. You will also find the newsletter and any notes from the office. This week there is a lunch calendar, reminder about Parent Information Evening, and several other notes. Behind the notes you will see a section that lists the date and the number of behavior marks for the week past. This is the number of times that the kids signed their chart. Please look at this number and discuss it with your child. They should know why they signed their chart. With this, like the grade report, please sign and return it to school on Monday.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me at:

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