Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random Thoughts

It still doesn’t feel real that we actually got to see the launch. It completely seemed like it was in slow motion. Today was the most tired I have been on the entire trip. We were able to sleep in some and we took one of our group back to the airport. Otherwise, today we have completely laid around the hotel.

We all bought newspapers today that had stories about the launch, and I have already gotten emails from the Space Foundation and NASA about some of the experiments and lessons that Barbara Morgan is teaching. One that I am really interested in involves basil seeds. If your class works through one of three modules, it will get a package of basil seeds that are currently up on the shuttle. I am pretty sure that I will be working on one of those modules with my class.

I also got an update about the microgravity flight in October. I fly to Colorado Springs next weekend for the training class. There are five of us staying together on this trip and four of us are on the same microgravity flight. We have to design an experiment to do while we are weightless. I’m leaning towards doing something with Newton’s Laws.

One of the down sides of our tour of Kennedy Space Center is that we didn’t get to spend very much time at the actual visitor’s complex. Tomorrow we are going back out there and we are going to Astronaut Hall of Fame and the KSC visitor’s complex. It will be nice to actually be able to take our time as we go through the museum.

Funny story for the day. We are going to go walk around Downtown Disney tonight so we bought a frozen lasagna to eat before we go. We have an oven that isn’t real good, I think it an easy bake brand oven. We’ve had it in for two hours and it is still frozen in the middle so we are eating just the edges because that is the only part that is hot.


Eric Langhorst said...

Just a little fun before the school year starts. I was tagged by two edubloggers and am now tagging you to share 8 random things about yourself.

Check out my 8 random things at in Episode #115. Sorry if I didn’t notice and you have recently been tagged.

Eric Langhorst

Mr. H said...

Wow Marty I got goosebumps reading your entire blog. That is completely awesome and I can't wait to hear more about it.

Lance Huebner