Friday, September 7, 2007

SAT Testing Next Week

Next week is SAT testing. This is not quite like the high stakes testing that we have for the MAP in the spring but is still a test that we should take seriously. We will be testing every day next week, including the early release on Monday. (We get out at 1:25). There are several hints that can help your child do well on the tests. Most of them are common sense but I wanted to list them anyway.

1. Get to school on time. Once we start a test, we will not stop until we are finished. Some of them are 50 minutes long. If a student isn’t in the room when the test starts, they have to hang out in the office until we are finished and then make the test up later in the week.

2. Avoid absences. You should always try to do this but especially on testing week. If a student is gone, they will make up whatever they missed when they get back. This usually means missing some class time. Please try to avoid scheduling doctors appointments next week if you have to have a doctors appointment or take your child out of school, try to do it in the afternoon. If your child is truly sick, keep them home but if it is just a runny nose, send them to school.

3. Keep a normal schedule. If your child normally goes to bed at 9:00, don’t have them go to bed at 7:30. They will lay there awake and not sleep at all. A little early would be good, but not way early.

4. Have a good breakfast. Being hungry is not a great way to take a test.

5. Get everything ready the night before. Lay out clothes, make sure that the school bag is packed. There is nothing worse than rushing around the morning of a test looking for a lost shoe, or trying to scramble to finish a piece of homework.

6. Tell the kids that you are proud of them and you just want them to do their best on the test and that you will be proud of them no matter what.

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