Friday, September 14, 2007

Flight Tracking

I just found a really cool web site that I wanted to share. I will be sharing it again later but if anyone is doing any traveling or is picking someone up from the airport, this is a really great site. The address is . It allows you to track almost any aircraft that is flying. The map that shows all the aircraft in the air right now is kind of frightening. I have always been interested to know what I am flying over and what route we are taking. Not real easy to do while you are on the plane but you can also register so you can look at flight tracks after they have happened. I don’t know my flight number for the October 20th Microgravity flight but when I get it, I will post it and you will be able to follow along real time (I think you have to hit the refresh button) but you will be able to see the real time track that I am taking as I am flying over Colorado. I just looked up a track from a previous microgravity flight, kind of an odd track. Out and back over the ocean. Mine won’t be over the ocean, just mountains.

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