Sunday, September 30, 2007

Best Brother Ever

I don’t say this very often, but my brother really hooked me up today. Captain Jim Lovell from Apollo 13 was in town as the grand marshal of the NASCAR race at the Kansas Speedway. My brother is the editor of the Kansas City Kansan and he called up the press contact at the speedway and told them I was a teacher and asked if I could get a press pass. They said yes and I got to go to the race and the press conference with Mr. Lovell. I was able to get a picture with him and asked him what he would tell a class of elementary school students. He had a great response that is posted below. To view the video, just click on it and then hit play.

I also got to watch the first 15 laps of the race from the infield. There were a couple of things that I noticed. First, the cars were not nearly as loud as I thought, at least at first. When they started their engines, I was underwhelmed. When they started actually running around the track, they got a lot louder. It still completely paled in comparison to the shuttle launch. The thing that did impress me was the speed. You watch on TV and they look fast, but not amazingly so. When you are watching them speed by, they are going really, really fast.

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Eric Langhorst said...

Cool video Mr. Kelsey! Apollo 13 is one of my favorite movies of all time.