Saturday, September 15, 2007

Room 42 in the News

I just got in my Saturday paper and when I opened to the Local section, what did I see but our very own Logan working on a science experiment. We had a photographer from the Kansas City Star in the room on Friday taking pictures to go with an article that will be in the local section of the paper next Wednesday. They ran this picture with a cool caption as a bonus today. Below is the link to the picture on the KC Star website. I’m not sure if you have to register with the Star to be able to see it. Below is the caption that ran under the picture. The title was: Science Experiment for Fifth Graders.

“Fifth-grader Logan Riddle contemplated the results in a science experiment Friday at Manor Hill Elementary School in Liberty. Riddle and his classmates were testing theories in an experiment that teacher Marty Kelsey will duplicate next month when he will experience zero gravity during the Weightless Flights of Discovery Program."

Here is the link to the Kansas City Star story.

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