Friday, July 27, 2007

More Good News

The good news just keeps rolling in. I just found out that I have been selected to participate in a microgravity flight. This is a flight that is just like how they train the astronauts. I will load up into an airplane which will fly up to 35,000 feet and then drop at a 45 degree angle. This will produce 30-45 seconds of weightlessness. We will fly 10-20 loops like this. I will post a lot more information later, when I get it. For now, here is the link to Northrop Grumman who are sponsoring the flights.


Eric Langhorst said...

That is great! Will they let you take video during the flight? Have a great time.


Mr. Kelsey said...

Eric, thanks for posting a comment. I don't have all of the details about the microgravity flight yet but from what I understand, I will actually get a video of the flight. I talked to a teacher from Florida who went on a similar flight two years ago. Each teacher made an experiment to bring along and then got a video to take back with them. I will be flying to Colorado Springs on August 17th for a training session so I should know more then.

Thanks again!