Sunday, July 22, 2007

Moonwalker Harrison Schmitt

When I got home yesterday I learned that the 12th man to walk on the moon, Harrison Schmitt, was going to be at the T-Bones game. I called out and they let me get in to the “press conference”. It was actually more like a question and answer session. It was cool and disappointing at the same time. It was great because there were only a few people who showed up but that also made it great because I got to talk to a guy that has walked on the moon for about 45 minutes. Harrison Schmitt was the first Lunar Geologist. I asked him what he thought the most impressive geological feature of the moon was. His response was that the whole moon was impressive but that probably it was the rocks that had come from within the moon in volcanic eruptions. I also asked him what he would tell fifth graders if he had the chance. I will eventually put the video of his response on this post so check back.

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