Monday, July 23, 2007

Math Academy Day 1

Got up early today and headed to Springfield for math academy. Basically we are learning how to give an individual math assessment. That part has not been incredibly interesting but there have been some fun things. We got a problem to solve today that took myself and Mr. Eltiste about 10 minutes to figure out. See if you can solve it. I will post the answer later.

A man goes into a store and says, “If you give me the same amount of money that I have, I will spend $10.” He then does this again at a second and then a third store. After the third store, he had no more money left. How much money did he start with?

If you think you have the answer, post it under the comments.

I remembered tonight that there was a pretty large Civil War battlefield here in Springfield called Wilson's Creek, I am hoping to go check that out this week. I think we also might make a stop at the zoo.

The last story for tonight is about the mall. There is a huge mall here in Springfield called the Battlefield Mall. As we were walking through I found a book store. I found so many books that I want to read but the one that looks the most interesting was “Blogs of War.” It is about blogs, like this one, that soldiers from Iraq are keeping. Should be pretty interesting.

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