Monday, February 18, 2008

VFW Award

This weekend I was honored to receive an award from the VFW. My mom is a member of the local ladies auxiliary. My grandfather was a WWII veteran who served in Germany as a barber. I was chosen from the Liberty post of the VFW and entered in the district competition which I won. I got to attend the district VFW meeting on Saturday to receive my award. I have to tell you, it is a very powerful thing to be in a room of so many men who helped protect our country. One of the coolest things from the meeting was the pledge of allegiance. That group of people, didn’t just say the pledge, you could tell by the conviction in their voices that they mean every single word of it. Several students were honored for participating in the Voices of Democracy essay contest. This is a contest open to students in 6-12th grades. I highly encourage students to enter this contest when they can. Each of the winners not only received recognition at the district meeting but also a nice certificate or plaque and the top winners even got savings bonds.

The award that I won was for teaching patriotism and citizenship. In my application I talked about writing letters to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing flags with me on the microgravity flight, and included pictures from some of the historical places that I have been that I use in the classroom. From what I understand, they said that I was close to making it to the national competition. It was a great honor to get this award from the VFW. I will be proudly displaying my certificate in the classroom starting on Tuesday.

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