Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hectic Schedule

Today the fifth grade teachers were working on our schedule for the next few weeks and let me tell you, hectic is the word to describe it. With trying to coordinate Exchange City lessons, lessons with Mr. Fisher for Exchange City, interviews with Mr. Williams and Mrs. Cunningham, and the lessons we have to teach, it has been difficult. We think we finally have everything scheduled. Not only do we have to schedule all of that but we have to schedule all of that around Spanish, strings, computer lab, library, and book fair preview, and an early release. We think we finally have a schedule that will work . . until something else comes up.

Today the kids created posters for the different shops at Exchange City and tomorrow they will be traveling around looking at the different posters to see which shops, and specifically which jobs they want at Exchange City. Later this week we will be working on applications and check book writing practice. Mr. Fisher has already begun the process of creating resumes and will soon hit cover letters. Also, all of the kids will be interviewing for their jobs this year. We will talk about interview techniques and appropriate dress. Right now we are scheduled to interview on Tuesday, March 26.

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