Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy unexpected snow day!

What did you do on your snow day? I got to go to school. I was already scheduled to be gone for a technology conference in Lee’s Summit. So when I got the phone call this morning saying that school was cancelled, I was almost ready to leave. There was a debate about if we were going to go or not. We decided to go so I spent the day in Lee’s Summit. I’m actually in a session right now about email and blogging. I presented a session today about how to create a news broadcast program. My session went really well – I really think that a couple of the people in my session might be going back to their schools and start a broadcast program. It kind of stinks that I didn’t get to sleep in today on the snow day (my wife had school in KCK) but I think I have learned a lot today, not only from the sessions that I was in but from the other teachers that went along. I am always amazed at what great ideas a group of teachers in a van (on really bad roads) can come up with.

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