Monday, February 11, 2008

More Pictures Coming Soon

I have two more pictures to post of the wax museum. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a memory chip in my camera when I took the pictures – don’t worry, I still have them – but I need a particular cable to connect to the computer and for the life of my, I can’t find it right now. I am going to look at home again tonight (I looked for about two minutes this morning) and once I find the cable, I will put the pictures up.

This afternoon was dominated by science. What I have been really impressed with is how much effort the kids have been putting into planning the science experiments we do. The kids have a Science Methods page that they use that walks them through the scientific method. It also has them detail who is going to do what during the experiment and makes them list the different steps. We are still working on getting them done the first time without some help but the progress we have made has been amazing. The kids spent a huge chunk of the afternoon just planning the experiment for tomorrow. I think this will be our most successful experiment yet (maybe not in results but in using the scientific method.)

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