Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today was spent working on science. The entire 5th grade actually had subs today. (At last report, the class was doing great) We spent the entire day unwrapping science GLE’s. A GLE is a grade level expectation. The unwrapping process is actually kind of cool but very time consuming. I won’t go into the whole process of it but let’s just say that we have been working for most of the year to get these done and we finally completed the task today. We also were able to plan out some upcoming science lessons. I love planning. I really do. I love the ideas that I can come up with on my own and I also love bouncing ideas off of other to see what they think. Mr. E and I have a great relationship in that way. Many times we are on exactly the same page but sometimes we are on complete opposites. What is so cool about this is that even when we disagree – bottom line is we both know that we are trying to do what is best for the kids. A lot fo times I will disagree at first and then after hearing his entire idea, like it. And he is the exact same way with me. We got a ton accomplished today including finishing up the unwrapping process as well as getting our next couple of science units planned out.

Tomorrow is the valentines party and I have a very special lesson planned. I will be sure to take a couple of pictures and post them tomorrow.

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