Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Manheim Steamroller

I don’t know if this relates to school or not but I just found out about it so I thought I would mention it. I was invited to attend a “test drive” concert for Manheim Steamroller this weekend. From what I understand this is only open to space people and corporate sponsors. I got invited because I am a Space Foundation Teacher Liaison. The concert is in Ames this weekend so I will be driving north to see them. I am excited. I have heard a little of their music, mostly Christmas stuff but for this concert I guess they recorded a launch and landing in high definition sound and have worked that into their music. Also, when I was in Florida I got to speak to Jim Kennedy, the former director of Kennedy Space Center and he told me that Manheim Steamroller had asked him to be their “opening act” for this new concert series. I am really excited to hear their new music.

In class today we made personal timelines that go along with Social Studies as well as our memoire project we are working on. We also learned about the lattice method of multiplication. Tomorrow we will be learning/reviewing the traditional algorithm, the way that you and I learned to multiply. After that, I want the kids using the traditional way unless I tell them otherwise. It is important for the kids to see different ways to multiply but for normal multiplication, and especially for the middle school, they need to be comfortable with the traditional method.

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