Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hunting Whales with Sticks

Yes, the Northwest Coast Indians hunted whales using spears from canoes. Today we discussed them and watched a short video about them and tomorrow the kids will be learning even more about them. I cannot imagine the bravery that it took to go whale hunting with basically a stick. Even if you did manage to kill a whale, you still have to get it back to shore. It is almost beyond comprehension.

Today we also went over our math tests. They were not pretty. For the class there were only 4 Cs and those were the top grades. After going through the tests, the kids kept a tally of how many small, careless mistakes they made. It was amazing that the class shifted from everyone getting a C, D, or F to everyone getting an A, B, or C. I think going over the test really opened some eyes to doing quality work.

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