Thursday, October 4, 2007

How Big is a Million?

Today students got an opportunity to learn just how big a million is. They did this by taping their desks for a certain amount of time and then taking that data and looking at how long it would take them to reach one million. They also looked at a billion, and a trillion. Ask your child how long it would take them to tap one billion times. The kids also continued today to work on their preparations for the jigsaw test tomorrow. This is where they become teachers and teach the rest of their group about the topic they were assigned.

Also, today there was a small power outage here at the school. A couple of transformers in the neighborhood (I’m anxious to see if I have power when I get home) blew up. It made some noise and knocked out some power. It didn’t affect class at all, other than the fact that the cave . . . I mean room without windows was a little dark. We went on as normal and were actually able to hear ourselves better because the air conditioner was also out for a while. Other than being a little dark for a while, it was a perfectly normal day.

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