Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hall of Fame in Search of Members

The book blog hall of fame selection committee (Mr. Kelsey) is in search of book blog posts and coments to add to the hall of fame. Remember that just because you get a good score does not necessarily make you a hall of famer. The example we used in class today was John Candelaria. He used to pitch for the Pittsburg Pirates. He was good, not great but good. He even threw a no hitter. He is signing autographs at a show in two weeks. He is charging $14 to autograph a baseball. Bob Gibson, who was one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball history, is charging $99 for an autograph and an additional $20 to put HOF on it. He dominated the game for a span of several years. I think this is a good example to show the difference between good and amazing. I had a couple of posts and comments today that were close to Hall of Fame status but not quite. I also talked to the kids about the important things on the blog to remember. First, a ton of kids have been messing up the citation information. There is a link on the blog that explains exactly how to put that information. Second, the genre. We have talked about genre, they studied it in fourth grade, and Mrs. Green is always going over it. They need to be specific. Instead of saying fiction, tell me what kind of fiction. Finally, a lot of kids are not giving evidence to back up their opinions. They are telling me what they like or don’t like but they don’t explain why. This is a huge part of the grade and a big MAP skill. Read some of the posts and when you get the grades back, go back in and see how they did. I try to put the date that they were submitted on the evaluation form. You can always help your child grade their own work before they turn it in.

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