Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wax Museum

Yesterday we started working on our Wax Museum projects. I love this project because it is really different from a lot of others that we do. For this project the kids are researching revolutionary war figures. They then create a business card for their person and a short speech as if they were that person. The final step is to create a costume. The costumes are the really fun part. There is a $10 limit. I DO NOT want the kids to rent a costume. I want them to make it. Some of the best costumes I have ever had are ones that were made from a $3 suit jacket from the thrift store or from a brown paper bag. You can bet that I will be posting pictures of the costumes. For our presentations, the kids will become their person and will give their speech whenever someone “pushes their button” (Stickers on their desk). We basically have all of our research done and now the kids can concentrate on their speeches and costumes.

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