Thursday, January 10, 2008

Post Number 100

This is officially my 100th post. I never dreamt way back over the summer that I would actually get to 100 posts. Not much to say today, other than thanks to anyone out there who is actually reading my ramblings. It seems like I have gotten a lot of great opportunities since I started writing this blog and I have really enjoyed sharing them. I know many days it is just about the normal stuff going on in Room 42. I hope that in the future I will have more interesting adventures to post on here. Nothing really big coming up yet, other than a few presentations that I am making. Next Tuesday is Manor Hill’s first Internet Safety Night. I am actually really excited about this and hope that we have a great turnout. We just found out today that we will have an MP3 player to give away that night to someone in attendance. I am also presenting a broadcast “how to” session at a technology conference in Lee’s Summit next month and probably will be doing the same presentation at our Empowering Excellence conference in February. KMH: Patriot News, the broadcast club that I sponsor was selected to go to Jefferson City at the end of January to present to the state legislators. And finally, I am presenting a microgravity class in march at a gifted student conference. As you can see, even though I don’t have any immediate plans to see a shuttle launch, or be weightless, it is already a busy 2008. Thanks again for reading!


Anonymous said...

I loved that picture


Eric Langhorst said...

Congrats on post #100! I enjoy checking in on what is happening with at Manor Hill with the Patriots. Great job in planning for the parent Internet safety night. I know it will be a success.

Mr. Langhorst